Anne-Marie Fafard  Physiotherapist & Osteopathic Manual Therapist

Anne-Marie graduated with a bachelor degree in Physical Therapy from McGill university in 1996. She started treating women’s pelvic floor dysfunction in 1999. Since, completing her studies in physical therapy, Anne-Marie has always had a special interest in pregnancy, delivery and the post-natal period.

Anne-Marie believes in continuing education and has taken several post graduate courses related to women’s health and the pelvic floor. She has studied with Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet, physician and yoga instructor, from Paris, France, introducing new ideas around birthing and abdominal strengthening. In 2007, she started her manual osteopathy training. She completed her training with the Canadian School of Osteopathy Manual Practice in April, 2015.

Anne-Marie’s current practice focuses on helping women, from being about 25-week pregnant to 4-month post natal. She will see women earlier during pregnancy, if they have pain or other concerns. Her goal is to offer support during the transition from pregnancy to birthing and the post natal period so it is as gentle as possible.

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Janine Mak  Physiotherapist

Janine specializes in the postnatal population. (Postnatal can still be 30 years later)! Within this population, I will often treat for diastasis rectus, pelvic floor issues, SI or pelvic pain as well as other common problems during and after pregnancy such as back, wrist and thumb pain (De Quervain\’s, Carpal Tunnel, incontinence issues). I also worked for 10 years in pediatrics and will often treat the babies as well for torticollis and plagiocephaly. I have done my Reformer pilates training as well and am a firm believer in ongoing health and wellness and getting women back to the activities they love. I teach pre and postnatal classes to help bridge the gap between physio and getting back to regular activities.

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